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I think you just summarized Phantom of the Opera.

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Young women are having difficulty accessing tubal ligation, despite it being a relatively safe (death rate is 1-2 per 100,000) and elective surgery.

There is a waiting period of 30 days for women seeking tubal ligation, yet no waiting period for men seeking vasectomies. 

Young women are often discriminated against when seeking sterilization. Many doctors ask offensive questions (“What if you met a billionaire who wanted to have kids with you?”), state categorically that their patients are too young to consider the surgery, and generally act as though, as one woman who tried unsuccessfully to be sterilized at the age of 21 in the U.K. put it, ”just because I was a woman, I’d reach a point where an urge to breed would overcome all rational thought.” (Perhaps unsurprisingly, that woman’s 25-year-old husband faced no such presumptions when he asked his doctor for a vasectomy. The procedure was quickly approved.)

Say that at 18 I slap down enough money so I could have my whole body covered head-to-toe in tattoos, piercings all over myself, a mountain of cigarettes, plastic surgery, and plan to have like 20 babies… but if I try at all to safely make it impossible for me to breed for the sake of my health suddenly its like WOAH THERE SLOW DOWN MISSY YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS KIND OF COMMITMENT YET

I have stage III Endometriosis, which means I have to get my uterus removed because I literally have terrible cramps ALL THE TIME and not just when I’m on my period. Now, I’ve always said I don’t want any children for personal reasons and I don’t need my uterus, really. I am not worried about that surgery and I don’t feel any kind of nostalgia over an organ I won’t ever use. 
The thing is, my doctor is a ‘man’. This ‘man’ told me I had to get pregnant right now before it’s too late. I told him I didn’t want to get pregnant and explained the multiple reasons but what, do you ask, did my doctor have to say about this? 'Well, better have a kid now because just imagine how depressing it must be being a thirty-something woman without children and a husband?'
I was diagnosed a year ago. I should have gone through surgery six months ago and I still can’t find a doctor that will perform the surgery without trying to force me to have children first. Basically, if you’re a woman you don’t have a say in what can and cannot be done to your body without a shitload of people getting in the way AND I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT.

Women are getting non-consensually sterilized in prison but no doctors in my area while tie my tubes at 24 because I might regret it? Fuck you, doctors. I have more purpose in life than dropping babies. Some of those women in prison are probably great moms and I have no interest in parenting. Let us have a say!

A dear friend of mine wanted to have her tubes tied.  She was about to give birth to twins and the doctors wouldn’t consent because she wasn’t 21 yet.  She had already had children and they still refused to let her have the procedure.

My friend got a vasectomy a week after asking his doctor for one, no problem. He was 25.
Me? I’ve asked 4 different doctors for some kind of permanent sterilisation—tubal ligation or Essure or whatever—and I get a pat on the head and a “You’d regret it if you did.”

i’m a trans guy. i also have bad endometriosis that makes periods even more horrible (on top of the terrible dysphoria i have when i’m on one).
my family, for the longest time (i’ve been saying i don’t want kids from the time i was about 6 or 7), told me to just suck it up and get used to having periods and not think about sterilization because “you might change your mind some day”. fuck that noise, i want these organs out of me ASAP.

This is horrifying.

Updated List:

1. Take Justin out to dinner
2. Finish reading The Catcher in the Rye
3. Make cookies
4. Buy a new video game
5. Buy new work pants. Real ones, not yoga pants.
6. Get a hair cut
7. Buy a new outfit
8. Get my car fixed
9. Go to Orange Leaf
10. See all of my sisters
11. Talk to my dad
12. Clean my apartment
13. Open up. Tell someone something that’s hard for me to talk about
14. Take a picture every day for 21 days,
15. Wear a dress and heels and get all prettied up.
16. Try out a new recipe
17. Have awesome sex
18. Make dinner for Justin
19. Meet Justin’s parents
20. Try something new
21. Have a big party!

Hopefully going to be able to take my car in tomorrow, I need to try to see Shayne, still need to finish cleaning my bedroom and living room, I’ll probably make dinner for Justin’s birthday, and my party is on Saturday. Whoo! Almost done!

7 Days Left: Easter/420, it was a pretty great day. Justin got me a banana shake when I got off of work, because he’s seriously just a wonderful human.

8 Days Left: Went to breakfast with Justin’s family as well as the originally planned pedicure. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed, it was just so much stuff going on, and I didn’t know what to do or say so I was just pretty quiet both Friday and Saturday.
Overall I think the whole thing went well, but I’m still a little unsure of what to think.
Funny fact though: We were both wearing pretty much the same outfits we were wearing when we met in this picture.

9 Days Left: Met Justin’s parents, we had lunch with them, his sister and 2 women that I don’t think I’ll remember the names of. It was really nerve-wracking and I nearly cried on the way there. Dinner was forever long, but I think it went well.
I must admit I’m kind of glad his parents were staying at his brother’s house for mostly selfish reasons.

10 Days Left: I got my hair cut, found a shirt to wear to meet Justin’s parents, and bought myself Bioshock and then worked my 8 hour shift. Whoo.



I’m surprised I’m functioning enough to post this